Attendance & Access Control Device and Software Solution

Fingerprint Attendance & Access Control (MATACSGT-K28)

Introduction :
SGT-K28 fashion fingerprint attendance machine using a hybrid engine recognition algorithms, can store 3200 fingerprints,
8000 records, using technology in the control of super optical Fingerprint Scanner fingerprint, fingerprint quality has improved
significantly. Six kinds of shell color can according to customer demand for their own choice. Support USB Client functionality,
without a live connection to the computer, is designed specifically for enterprises that require long-distance off-line use of
fingerprint attendance. Fingerprint attendance machine via RS232, RS485, USB the Client the way computer communications, multiple
networked use; high recognition rate, to solve the problem of special populations fingerprint relatively poor quality, suitable for
the management of attendance of 100-500 people.
Features :
Scangle Finger VX9.0/10.0 high-speed twin-engine recognition algorithms in the system reliability, accuracy, identification speed obviously
improved, can handle 3000 is good or bad fingerprint fingerprint of uniformly distributed within two seconds;
Capacity :
Fingerprint capacity: 3200
Record capacity: 80000·.
Specification :
Operating System: Linux
Means of communication: RS232, RS485,
USB Device, support U disk to download
Identification time :≤ 1.5 seconds
FAR: ≤ 0.0001% ·
Rejection rate : ≤ 0.01% ·
LED : Red, green ·
LCD : 3-inch, 60005 thousand color high-definition color
Use temperature: 0 ℃ -45 ℃·
Operating Humidity : 20% -80% ·
Power: DC5V CE UL
Language selection: english